German Shepherd Vs. Belgian Malinois

Frequent Questions
Below are some common questions people may have about the differences between the two breeds.

Q: What breed would be best for a family home?
A: German Shepherds are generally better family pets than Malinois. Malis has an extremely high work drive, energy, and often a very high-strung personality, meaning they are generally not the right pet for a standard family environment. They require plenty of training, exercise, and enrichment, and many of the activities they do need to focus on building on their skills.

Malis is known to have a strong bond with their master, while German Shepherds mostly have a close protective bond with the whole family. That’s why German Shepherd Puppies are the best protection dogs.

Q: Are any of the dogs suitable for apartment living?
A: Both of these dog breeds are large and they’re active too. Having a garden or a yard around would be of great benefit to them. The Malinois, in particular, is not best suited to an apartment. However, you can live with it in an apartment if you will be taking him out for a walk or play daily.
Don’t forget that Mali is also an expert climber and can easily scale 6-foot-high fences. If they have access to a garden, it should be fenced high enough and safer.

Q: Will a Belgian Malinois need more exercise than a German Shepherd?
A: In short, yes. Of course, every dog is an individual, and there will be exceptions to this general rule, but typically a Mali has a lot more energy than a German Shepherd. Both breeds need plenty of exercises. However, the Malinois tends to have high energy levels.

Q: Which breed eats the most food?
A: Both dogs have similar nutritional needs. The Belgian Malinois may have slightly higher energy levels and maybe a bit smaller, but both breeds are similar and need a high-protein food, like these recommended here.
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