How much does a Sphynx Kitten Cost?

Have you noticed that Sphynx cats come at a relatively high price? You might have realized that, but why are they so expensive? Too many people believe that the breeders are making thousands of dollars in profits when they sell these unique and adorable cat breeds, which is not exactly true. But why are these cat breeds so expensive? We have come up with some useful information that should help you understand the high cost and avoid getting the wrong picture. Lets fire away:


They are a unique breed


First things first, these cat breeds are one of the rarest breeds around. They are very unique in their appearance and their temperaments as well. Unique breeds mean that they need special attention. For that, the breeders usually involve a lot of things just to keep these cats healthy and strong enough.


Their maintenance is expensive


Yes, these cat breeds require special attention, but they also come with a high maintenance cost. The breeder will need to buy the necessary supplies, take the cat to the vet for a regular checkup, blood test, and more. This can cost the breeder over a thousand dollars for a single Sphynx cat every year. When it comes to the right cat food for the Sphynx, it costs extra hundreds of dollars every month. They must also eat the appropriate food to keep them strong and healthy. Furthermore, the Sphynx kittens need a unique shot every month (this is not cheap too).


They live in specially customized houses

When you visit the breeder’s premises, you will notice that the cats are kept in a unique house that is customized specifically for them. In these houses, you will find playrooms, a nursery, as well as stud rooms. Additionally, these houses will have some heater installed in them. This will help to keep the kitten/cat warm all along. Setting up these Sphynx houses costs tens of thousands of dollars.


The delivery of the kittens can be expensive


One thing most potential new Sphynx cat owners don’t know is that their adorable kitten might have been delivered through a delicate method. Not all cats will deliver their kittens the normal way. On special occasions, C-Section will need to be applied. Contacting a cat C-Section specialist for the cat is another cost that can be almost two thousand dollars.


In general, breeders spend thousands of dollars to take care and deliver the Sphynx kittens. That is why they are usually very expensive.

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