In February 2011 we bought the breeding pairs with the agreement to continue in the same facilities of the Pet Birdy Breeders US farm where they had been since June 2000 with the previous owner.

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We have some cages built with a very strong metal structure that reach the ground and in which our pairs of birds live because they are birds whose capacity for destruction is impressive given the strength of their beak.

We give the macaws 3×1’5×1’5m wire mesh cages without structure. These cages are suspended from a metal structure that in turn supports the roofs that cover the back corridor of the nests and the feeders in front of the cages.

Birds Bird Cages Birdcage - Free photo on Pixabay

For cockatoos, amazons, dwarf macaws, etc, we have 3x1x1 m cages. Suspended from the same structures. As for the yacos, conures, etc., they have 1x1x1 m cages suspended in the same way.

All our breeding pairs have showers in their cages that, on the one hand, help them withstand the heat of summer in Texas and, on the other hand, keep the plumage of our birds in optimal conditions.

  • Kitchen for the birds, equipped with an industrial dishwasher, stove to cook the grain or other ingredients, fruit grinder, etc…
  • Storage for food and tools.
  • incubation room
  • breeding room
  • Chicken independence room.
  • Offices
  • living place
  • Reverse osmosis water purifier for poultry drinking water.