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German Shepherd Vs. Belgian Malinois

Frequent Questions
Below are some common questions people may have about the differences between the two breeds.

Q: What breed would be best for a family home?
A: German Shepherds are generally better family pets than Malinois. Malis has an extremely high work drive, energy, and often a very high-strung personality, meaning they are generally not the right pet for a standard family environment. They require plenty of training, exercise, and enrichment, and many of the activities they do need to focus on building on their skills.

Malis is known to have a strong bond with their master, while German Shepherds mostly have a close protective bond with the whole family. That’s why German Shepherd Puppies are the best protection dogs.

Q: Are any of the dogs suitable for apartment living?
A: Both of these dog breeds are large and they’re active too. Having a garden or a yard around would be of great benefit to them. The Malinois, in particular, is not best suited to an apartment. However, you can live with it in an apartment if you will be taking him out for a walk or play daily.
Don’t forget that Mali is also an expert climber and can easily scale 6-foot-high fences. If they have access to a garden, it should be fenced high enough and safer.

Q: Will a Belgian Malinois need more exercise than a German Shepherd?
A: In short, yes. Of course, every dog is an individual, and there will be exceptions to this general rule, but typically a Mali has a lot more energy than a German Shepherd. Both breeds need plenty of exercises. However, the Malinois tends to have high energy levels.

Q: Which breed eats the most food?
A: Both dogs have similar nutritional needs. The Belgian Malinois may have slightly higher energy levels and maybe a bit smaller, but both breeds are similar and need a high-protein food, like these recommended here.
For more information about German Shepherds, Contact Wüstenberger Land-German Shepherd Litters, the best German Shepherd Breeder in Los Angeles.

How much does a Sphynx Kitten Cost?

Have you noticed that Sphynx cats come at a relatively high price? You might have realized that, but why are they so expensive? Too many people believe that the breeders are making thousands of dollars in profits when they sell these unique and adorable cat breeds, which is not exactly true. But why are these cat breeds so expensive? We have come up with some useful information that should help you understand the high cost and avoid getting the wrong picture. Lets fire away:


They are a unique breed


First things first, these cat breeds are one of the rarest breeds around. They are very unique in their appearance and their temperaments as well. Unique breeds mean that they need special attention. For that, the breeders usually involve a lot of things just to keep these cats healthy and strong enough.


Their maintenance is expensive


Yes, these cat breeds require special attention, but they also come with a high maintenance cost. The breeder will need to buy the necessary supplies, take the cat to the vet for a regular checkup, blood test, and more. This can cost the breeder over a thousand dollars for a single Sphynx cat every year. When it comes to the right cat food for the Sphynx, it costs extra hundreds of dollars every month. They must also eat the appropriate food to keep them strong and healthy. Furthermore, the Sphynx kittens need a unique shot every month (this is not cheap too).


They live in specially customized houses

When you visit the breeder’s premises, you will notice that the cats are kept in a unique house that is customized specifically for them. In these houses, you will find playrooms, a nursery, as well as stud rooms. Additionally, these houses will have some heater installed in them. This will help to keep the kitten/cat warm all along. Setting up these Sphynx houses costs tens of thousands of dollars.


The delivery of the kittens can be expensive


One thing most potential new Sphynx cat owners don’t know is that their adorable kitten might have been delivered through a delicate method. Not all cats will deliver their kittens the normal way. On special occasions, C-Section will need to be applied. Contacting a cat C-Section specialist for the cat is another cost that can be almost two thousand dollars.


In general, breeders spend thousands of dollars to take care and deliver the Sphynx kittens. That is why they are usually very expensive.

If you want to know more about Sphynx kitten prices, contact the expert breeders, https://www.purrbastetsphynxandbambinos.com.

Rules Of Keeping Parrots

1. A large cage

They need one as big as space and budget can allow, but at a minimum the bird must be able to move, spread its wings without touching the bars, and have at least two branches at different heights. The cage should always be rectangular, never round.

2. Place to exercise the wings

Birds need to exercise and fly, as long as they don’t have their wings clipped. For this, a safe room must be available, with the windows covered and without the presence of predators (dogs and cats) and other dangerous elements for birds. If you have an outdoor aviary, all the better!

3. A varied diet

Each species of parrot needs its specific diet, but its variety is important. A parrot does not feed on seeds or feed alone, but on fruits, fresh vegetables and other foods that complement the diet and help enrich its life.

4. Branches to gnaw

Parrots in the wild gnaw branches, either to strengthen their beaks or to get food. They must be provided with fresh non-toxic branches that must be renewed as often as necessary so that they can enjoy them.

5. Colorful toys

To be entertained, it is essential to provide him with toys of different colors and textures, so that he can gnaw and break. There are even interactive toys to keep your mind entertained.

6. Fresh water

To keep their plumage in good condition, parrots need frequent baths either with a sprayer, in the shower or by providing them with a dish of water so they can bathe whenever they want.

7. Company

Parrots are social animals and need company either from another parrot or from a person who is there for them and interacts. You have to talk to them, play with them, caress them… they need a lot of time.

 8. Exotics Vet

Like any living thing, a parrot can be susceptible to disease and other problems. You have to look for a veterinarian that treats exotics, since it has nothing to do with other conventional pets.

My Nymph Screams. How To Avoid It

Despite being a small bird, the nymph is capable of emitting a multitude of sounds and some of them can reach a fairly high and even annoying timbre. The nymph is able to manifest her mood through sounds. That is why it is interesting to recognize them, although we know how difficult this is on paper.

The nymph is a bird designed to be noisy, due to its way of life in its native Australia. Both when it is irritated/stressed and when it is very happy, it can emit a very high-pitched scream. To maintain contact with their peers, they also scream because they are sociable animals that want to mark their position with respect to their peers at all times.

The cries can be especially loud in the mornings, first thing in the morning. This is something that occurs not only in nymphs, but in all species of psittacines. The morning is the time to organize the group to go in search of food, therefore the nymphs have to shout to communicate with each other. In captivity the same thing happens, but substituting the group of nymphs for their human flock (or by default, for the small captive colony).

What kind of noises does a nymph make?

Anxiety calls:

This is common in nymphs that live alone and are very dependent on their owners. They cannot bear the idea of ​​being alone and therefore they emit a series of sounds classified as cries of anxiety. These are very high-pitched cries that coincide with the departure or absence of the owner and end when the owner returns to be present at home and aware of the animal. We must never go to these cries, since we would be reinforcing them. That is why the early socialization of the nymphs with the environment and avoiding excessive imprinting are essential to avoid anxiety in the short and long term.

Sometimes they may just make “contact” calls that are also high pitched and this can be mistaken for anxiety.

The gurgles of happiness

It is a series of notes that are emitted by both the male and the female of different pitches, which can sometimes be high. These sounds are usually made when they receive food, when they are caressed or when we get home after being a long time without seeing them.

The screeches of irritation

Nymphs sometimes “fight” inanimate objects or their owner (fingers, hair, etc.), usually when bored or irritated by something. They are soft sounds, like a high-pitched growl that they emit while performing this action. Avoid this behavior in nymphs, especially when they are caressed or treated.

Courtship whistles

This sound is normally only emitted by the male, although some females also do it. It is a series of notes, intoning melodies and that are usually accompanied by various body postures to carry out the courtship. It is usually a soft melody, but it can get louder at times.

Contact calls

These are very high-pitched cries made by the nymphs to communicate with each other. They normally do it in response to similar sounds (alarms, screams, etc.) and they can also do it in situations of fear or stress to alert their companions. This is a very high pitched and very annoying scream.

Here is a video explaining the types of nymph screams, and their meaning.


How can we control or limit the cries in the nymphs?

This is perhaps what most interests many owners. First of all, it must be understood that neither the nymph nor any other parrot are mute animals, so a certain level of sound must be tolerated. But there are some cries that can be corrected, redirected or reduced.

Don’t let your nymph get bored

Always keep her entertained with toys, environmental enrichment, etc. especially when she’s alone or when you can’t keep an eye on her. Boredom is a frequent cause of screaming in nymphs.

If the nymph spends many hours alone, she may need a companion of her species to keep her entertained. But keep in mind that two nymphs scream twice as much as one.

Offer toys and interesting objects for her

Stuffed toys are very interesting and can keep them entertained for a long time. You have to think that an entertaining nymph, a nymph playing, a nymph with a full beak, is in most cases, a quiet nymph. There are many tricks for this, for example stuffing a ball of hay or offering a cut cardboard tube filled with food.

Take time and exercise

Take your nymph out for exercise, make her fly, make her get tired. A nymph exercised, then wants to rest in the cage and is not up for many jogs, which is a nymph that will rarely scream. Besides, she will be a mentally healthier nymph and it will be more difficult for her to be obese.

Don’t reinforce negative behaviors

You should never go when a nymph screams at you, since for her it is like a prize and she will continue to do so. You should not go to punish her either, you should simply ignore them so that she understands that yelling is not going to achieve anything.

Buy responsibly

Acquire a well socialized nymph, mentally healthy and not imprinted with people. In short, it acquires a nymph raised by its parents and socialized later or separated from them at 25 days and raised with its siblings until it is completely independent, without being excessively stimulated. Poor parenting is one of the reasons why many nymphs become overly dependent on their owners and scream for attention.

We can approach stealthily and cover the cage, but you should not associate our presence with the screams in any case.

In spite of everything, a certain level of screaming must be tolerated, since we are acquiring a noisy animal by nature. And what we cannot do is change the nature of a living being at will.