Rules Of Keeping Parrots

1. A large cage

They need one as big as space and budget can allow, but at a minimum the bird must be able to move, spread its wings without touching the bars, and have at least two branches at different heights. The cage should always be rectangular, never round.

2. Place to exercise the wings

Birds need to exercise and fly, as long as they don’t have their wings clipped. For this, a safe room must be available, with the windows covered and without the presence of predators (dogs and cats) and other dangerous elements for birds. If you have an outdoor aviary, all the better!

3. A varied diet

Each species of parrot needs its specific diet, but its variety is important. A parrot does not feed on seeds or feed alone, but on fruits, fresh vegetables and other foods that complement the diet and help enrich its life.

4. Branches to gnaw

Parrots in the wild gnaw branches, either to strengthen their beaks or to get food. They must be provided with fresh non-toxic branches that must be renewed as often as necessary so that they can enjoy them.

5. Colorful toys

To be entertained, it is essential to provide him with toys of different colors and textures, so that he can gnaw and break. There are even interactive toys to keep your mind entertained.

6. Fresh water

To keep their plumage in good condition, parrots need frequent baths either with a sprayer, in the shower or by providing them with a dish of water so they can bathe whenever they want.

7. Company

Parrots are social animals and need company either from another parrot or from a person who is there for them and interacts. You have to talk to them, play with them, caress them… they need a lot of time.

 8. Exotics Vet

Like any living thing, a parrot can be susceptible to disease and other problems. You have to look for a veterinarian that treats exotics, since it has nothing to do with other conventional pets.