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Pet Birdy Breeders US is a company created in 2011 with the idea of ​​giving continuity to the work that was being done on the PBB-US farm.

We got together 10 friends and relatives and with contributions from all, we decided to become partners, we created the company, we bought the breeding pairs, we hired the workers and we “jumped into the pool” in this beautiful project.

We have been raising birds since 2011, as a continuation of the work that was already being done on the PBB-US farm. In our first year we raised around 120 youngsters. Breeding birds in captivity requires enormous effort as well as almost full dedication to these chicks. To understand the task, just imagine that a bird breeder who feeds by hand becomes the mother and father of these wonderful but fragile chicks that eat every two hours during the first weeks.

The lack of regular feeding, on time and of a good diet in vitamins and proteins supposes poor formation in the bird, physical deformations, diseases and even death. Being a bird breeder requires serious and professional work, hard and constant.

At Pet Birdy Breeders US we have a team of 4 professionals who guarantee the necessary care, hygiene and feeding conditions necessary to incubate and develop such delicate exotic birds.

Pet Birdy Breeders US also has advanced technical means, professional incubators that control and guarantee the appropriate temperature and humidity of the eggs, nests and aviaries where the elderly chicks in their last stages of breeding learn to fly and eat thanks to adult parrot tutors. With this we look for parrots that in the future are balanced and stable both in contact with humans and with other parrots. We do have cages of appropriate dimensions so that couples can reproduce in optimal conditions.